Our Hassle-Free Simple Cremation Process


Lakeside Simple Cremation guarantees a straightforward process for families looking to save time and reduce the number of steps in final arrangements. Before a cremation can take place, Lakeside Simple Cremation requires all families to complete the following steps: secure a death certificate, file a cremation authorization form, identify the deceased, and schedule an appointment and submit payment.

Step 1: Secure A Death Certificate

Before a cremation can be legally completed, families must request a death certificate.


All information in the “decedent” and “disposition” sections must accurately be filled out before returning back to Lakeside Simple Cremation. Once these sections are completed and validated by the family, Lakeside Simple Cremation will authorize the information, and work to obtain a physician's signature. 

Following the physician's signature, we will file it with the local registrar in the proper jurisdiction where the death occurred or with the medical examiner. Once reviewed, your family will be delivered the number of death certificates you originally ordered.

Step 2: Complete Required Form for Cremation Authorization

Ohio law requires you to have proper verification that you have the authority to make a cremation decision for a loved one by filling out an authorization form.


To determine if you’re authorized to arrange a cremation, follow the steps in order below:

  1. A legal representative appointed by the deceased to have the right of disposition.

  2. The deceased person’s surviving spouse.

  3. The sole surviving child of the deceased person, or if there is more than one surviving child, all of the surviving children collectively.

  4. The deceased person’s surviving parent or parents.

  5. The deceased person’s surviving sibling, whether of whole or half blood, or if there is more than one sibling all of the surviving siblings collectively.

  6. The deceased person’s surviving grandparent or grandparents.

  7. The lineal descendants of the deceased’s grandparents.

  8. The person who was the deceased person’s guardian at the time of death if a guardian had been appointed.

  9. Any person willing to assume the right of disposition, including the personal representative of the estate or the licensed funeral director with custody of the body, after attesting in writing and good faith that they could not locate any of the persons above in the priority list.

If there is more than one authorized decision-maker, then all of the individuals may be required. 

Step 3: Identify Your Loved One

When a loved one passes, law-abiding cremation facilities require positive identification of a deceased body before a cremation can take place. To keep our process as simple as possible, we will provide you with photo identification of your loved one via a safe and secure online portal.

Have you already arranged services? Please sign into our identification portal to identify your loved one.

We highly encourage you to wait until you’re in the comfort of your home, not from your work computer or mobile device to digitally identify your loved one. To help best prepare yourself, follow these steps:

  • Decide if you’re emotionally ready to see your loved one. You may also choose to designate a trusted family member or friend to perform the identification.

  • Use the time to say goodbye. View it as a sacred moment to honor your loved one.

  • Focus on positive memories you had with your loved one.

Step 4: Schedule An Appointment and Submit Payment

Lakeside Simple Cremation requires that all cremation authorization forms be signed in-person. Once all required information is completed, please call us at (216) 545-0700 or submit this form to schedule an appointment at our standalone Cleveland location. 

Lakeside Simple Cremation requires payment in full immediately upon scheduling services and before a cremation takes place. To keep our process as simple as possible, you may pay online via credit card below.

Families may also call us at (216) 545-0700 to provide payment over the phone, or pay in-person by cash or check when they submit the cremation authorization form (by appointment only)

Please note that families are required to pick up their loved one's cremated remains. Lakeside Simple Cremation can send cremated remains by certified mail if necessary. 

Need Help Planning Your Loved One's Simple Cremation?

If a death has occurred, we’re available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to assist you at
(216) 545-0700. We're on-site Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. by appointment only at our standalone Cleveland location (4326 Pearl Road, Cleveland, Ohio 44109)— Lakeside Simple Cremation services are not offered at any other funeral home.